It's in Local>Appdata>Undertale The folder is hidden, you'd have to find it yourself and unhide it to have the options to deal with it. Then delete everything inside the Undertale folder. Inside of "Yourname" go to view and unhide the folder. You will then see it and can delete the data inside the Undertale folder.

Jul 19, 2017 · Open your AppData folder and you’ll see Local, LocalLow, and Roaming folders. Let’s start with Roaming. The Roaming folder contains data that would “roam” with a user account from computer to computer if your PC was connected to a domain with a roaming profile. Jul 03, 2017 · First, open the Folder Options window. On Windows 8 and 10, click the “Options” button on the View toolbar. On Windows 7, click Organize > Folder and search options. Click the “View” tab. Uncheck the “Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)” box. May 30, 2016 · This time, you’ll see the AppData folder, although its icon will be slightly dimmed compared to the other entries in this folder. This dimmed icon is how Windows identifies files and folders that should be hidden if you hadn’t enabled the Show Hidden Files option, and it can help you avoid changing or deleting any of these files by accident. Apr 14, 2020 · Fix-1 Try to open Appdata folder from Run-1. Press Windows key+R to launch Run window. 2. In Run window, type “appdata” and click on “OK“. Appdata folder will be opened. Fix-2 Open Roaming folder-You can open Roaming folder, which is a sub-directory under Appdata. 1. Press Windows key+R to launch Run window. 2. Dec 13, 2016 · Double-click the AppData folder. Where is the AppData Folder in Windows 7? Another way that you can locate the Appdata folder is to browse to it directly. The file path for the AppData folder is: C:\Users\YourUserNameHere\AppData. Just replace the “YourUserNameHere” part of the file path with the actual username whoe AppData folder you wish How do I access the AppData folder? The AppData is by default a hidden folder. With the following steps you can access the contents. 1. Open Windows File Explorer. 2. Navigate to this folder: C:\Users\YourUserName. 3a. Windows 7: In the topleft corner you will see the button Organize, click on it to expand the menu.

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Jun 24, 2019 · AppData folder resides in Users folder in C drive but was unseen or deleted. One, type %AppData% in Windows 10 search box to unhide it; two, use EaseUS data recovery software to restore missing AppData folder in Windows 10.

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