Jun 24, 2020 · The latest Facebook whistleblower joins Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe to give us a peek behind the scenes at the Death Star of social engineering. Zach McElroy worked at Cognizant, a firm contracted by Facebook to perform content moderation, where he would invariably see in the queue of posts flagged for “civic harassment”, roughly 80% were […]

Jun 03, 2020 · How to Quickly Delete Old Facebook Posts. Now more than ever, it's important to curate what pops up on your social media feeds. Here's how to delete Facebook posts from your Timeline one by one or Mar 26, 2020 · Once confirmed your Facebook post will be deleted. Delete Facebook Posts in Bulk From Browser. If you’d like to delete all of your Facebook posts you will need to use a web browser and an extension. Depending on your needs it may be easier to delete your Facebook account and start a new one. Facebook has long been known to take, store, and sell your data and continuously make you re-evaluate how the social network handles your privacy. Whether you want to take a small break or delete your Facebook account completely, here’s how. Mar 23, 2018 · The other is for log data -- a record of what a user does, such as when they log in, click on a Facebook group or post a comment. "When you delete your account, all the user generated content is Aug 26, 2018 · 1. Open Facebook. 2. Go to the comment you want to delete. 3. Hover your mouse over the comment. 4. Click the three-dot icon ⋯ to the right of the comment. 5. Click Delete when prompted. If you're deleting your own comment, first click Delete in the drop-down menu.

Jun 30, 2020 · The movement to delete or deactivate Facebook continues to gain steam as controversies mount, such as the platform’s improper handling of user data, its reluctance to remove false ads, and its reported manipulation of users’ emotions. If you’re wondering whether it's time to join the movement and take a break from Facebook, this article explains how to permanently delete Facebook, how to

Apr 09, 2018 · I’d delete it, and switch to an app I had more trust in. The problem with Facebook is that its managed to gain such a monopoly on our digital presence that we worry about quitting it . Switching from Foursquare to Yelp doesn’t give anyone anxiety, but deleting Facebook does. Facebook Twitter Google+ Facebook must be broken up. It is clearly a political publisher, an arm of the hard-left and the Democrat Party, not a neutral platform where the freedom of speech is respected. It’s what I have been writing, and warning of for years. We filed a lawsuit against Facebook years ago challenging Section Jul 15, 2020 · Edit or delete published content in Streams Updated: July 15, 2020 18:22 You can edit content published to your own Facebook Pages and YouTube channels directly from Hootsuite streams, and you can delete content published to Twitter, Facebook Pages, and YouTube channels, which also deletes the content from the social network. The hashtag "#deletefacebook" is currently trending on Twitter. Many are wondering if they should ditch the social media giant for good. Here are your options: to either delete your Facebook account or lock your profile down and prevent your personal information from floating around in cyberspace.

Veritas BOMBSHELL: Facebook Content Moderator Says ‘If Someone’s Wearing MAGA Hat, I’m Going to Delete Them for Terrorism’ Half a dozen other moderators caught admitting they censor Trump supporters on a whim

Delete Facebook Content. First, you can download Social Book Post Manager from the Chrome Web Store. After installing it, you’ll have to navigate to your Activity Log. Don’t worry, because You won't be able to use Facebook Login for other apps you may have signed up for with your Facebook account, like Spotify or Pinterest. You may need to contact the apps and websites to recover those accounts. Some information, like messages you sent to friends, may still be visible to them after you delete your account. If you produce content on the web, you can make a massive difference. Remove Facebook trackers/widgets e.g. ‘pixel’ and ‘like’ buttons. Use a share link instead. Avoid Facebook Connect for sign in. Reduce Facebook technology dependency. NPM Uninstall Facebook can help. Sites could be liable for helping Facebook secretly track your web Mar 23, 2018 · If you’ve used Facebook for a while, it would take way too much time to go back and delete every post individually. Personally, I’ve been using Facebook’s “On This Day” feature to check back over old posts and delete those I don’t like. But, if you want a quick way to delete a lot of posts at once, you’ll need to use a browser