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MEPs approved controversial ‘meme ban’ EU copyright law by accident Ten mistaken votes would have changed the result if they had been cast the right way News Hence, copyright law was under an obligation to face the challenge of technological development and basically the challenge of infringement of copyright by P2P users. Now, we will turn our attention on how UK and US copyright law had responded to the technological development in the past. Jan 29, 2019 · Audio-visual - movies, television shows, online videos, stage plays, video games and slideshows, pantomimes, and choreography; Art - graphics, fine arts, photographs, maps, diagrams, and sculptures; Architectural - architectural plans and the drawings associated with it; Materials distributed over the internet are also protected by copyright. All the latest breaking news on copyright infringement. Browse The Independent’s complete collection of articles and commentary on copyright infringement. As internet solicitors, we increasingly see blatant forms of internet copyright infringement involving the wholesale copying of a website, which is then used to perpetrate some kind of fraud. Sometimes the design and content of the website are identical to the website which has been copied, except that the name and contact details of the site

Copyright law of the United Kingdom Rights of copyright owners. As with all copyright legislation, UK copyright law aims to promote progress, innovation and artistic endeavours by allowing authors or creators of literary and artistic works to profit from their endeavours by granting them the exclusive right to control that work.

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