Earlier today, the Supreme Court released a landmark decision dealing with privacy on the Internet. The main issue in R v Spencer 2014 SCC 43 was whether a user of the Internet has a reasonable expectation of privacy in his or her basic subscriber information held by the user’s ISP that prevents the police from obtaining this information from the ISP without a warrant or court order.

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R v. Cole and an employee's reasonable expectation of privacy

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Autoría: David M. Tortell. Localización: National journal of constitutional law = Revue nationale de droit constitutionnel. Nº. 2, 2016. Artículo de Revista en Dialnet.

The Supreme Court of Canada issued its long-awaited R. v. Spencer decision, which examined the legality of voluntary warrantless disclosure of basic subscriber information to law enforcement. In a unanimous decision written by (Harper appointee) Justice Thomas Cromwell, the court issued a strong endorsement of Internet privacy, emphasizing the R v. Cole and an employee's reasonable expectation of privacy