Caching proxying for troubleshooting a slow VPN connection. While there are several ways to improve performance between central and remote sites, one popular method is to cache or proxy traffic. In larger environments technologies such as WAN optimization and caching tools make a lot of sense. However in this small office environment, one of

[SOLVED] Slow VPN speeds while accessing a Database Mar 02, 2018 How Do I Fix My Slow VPN Connection? - Speedify Apr 23, 2018 How to Speed up a VPN Connection and Avoid Internet Slow Down One of the most common causes of a slow VPN connection is the VPN server. There are several reasons why this could be the case, the first one being geographical distance. It boils down to this: the further the server from you, the greater the distance your data needs to travel, the slower the connection. How to Make a VPN Not Slow Down Your Connection - Web

Even though my upload is vastly slower than the download I get better upload speed: Download I get about 33 mbps (355 mbps without VPN), upload 38 mbps (41 mbps without VPN). The next test is going to be hooking up the workstation directly to the cable modem, I'll post an update if this makes a difference

If you have lesser speed of Office Internet and testing Internet speed while connected to Any-Connect you can use split tunneling feature to get the Internet traffic directly out from your Laptop/Home PC. Split Tunneling makes it so that only VPN traffic that is destined for the company's network goes through the VPN …

Super slow connection while on the vpn. I've been using Nord for a while now and I know that using a VPN is obviously going to cause the connection and speed to be slower but, my usual download speed is 40 megabytes per sec, and whenever I try to download something with a vpn (as one does) I barely get 2mbs or even 1.

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