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WD Live TV Hub media streamer / NAS leaks out of Best Buy Oct 16, 2010 WD TV Live Media Player - replacement? Apr 15, 2017

Re: Cant find NAS stored video file on my WD TV live? Are you using DLNA, or did you configure the WD Live to directly access the NAS shares? resetting ownership and permissions is a check-box on the "advanced tab" of the share. (look at the share list, click on the CIFS icon, then you will see the advanced tab right.

the WD TV Live HUB, could not see my NAS, but after I renamet it to HOME “the workgroup” then it could find it. Superc. October 15, 2015, 4:10am #15. Hmm, why don’t the WD TV LIVE HUB remember when I have found the fan art / covers for the movies :S thought that it could store the files on the nas, so the next time i going to watch a

The protocols of the NAS somehow override the WD TV network share protocols. Turning off the NAS, and all other PC’s on the network with further first turning on the WD TV then restarting PC’s with the NAS off will have network shares available again.

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