The base station was in my office, at the other end of the house. I would get abysmally low bandwidth when streaming internally or from the internet. My solution was to move my base station into the entertainment center and connect the PS3 to it via ethernet. Ever since, I've not noticed any bandwidth problems. Everything downloads lickity-split.

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Can’t connect to Internet on PlayStation 3

Help please! PS3 won't connect to the internet (wired Oct 17, 2012 Uplay Can't Connect to Internet | Forums

Why can't I connect my PS3 controller to my PC for Watch The PlayStation 3 controller was never designed to run on external OSes then the PS3 firmware, it does not output in a controller type that is PC native, and the standard JoyPad driver cannot read the inputs properly. On top of that there is a loc Smart TV connects to router, but not to the internet