Yet Another Monitor (YAMon) records and reports on the traffic (downloads and uploads) for all of the devices connecting to your router. The data is aggregated by hour, day and month (within your ISP billing interval) and can be rolled-up into arbitrary groups (e.g., by family member or by any other logical grouping of devices).

can you do bandwidth monitoring on dd-wrt micro? 2008-Sep-2 2:51 pm: · · wwe wwe. Anon. 2008-Sep-2 3:44 pm. Re: dd-wrt micro. yes but when you flash the firmware, the bandwidth log I'm looking for a router that has Bandwidth Monitor / Traffic Statistics capabilites. I'm needing a router which let me know what is going on in my home network. Right now, everybody here is using my connection, but I don't know how much bandwidth they are consuming and WHO IS actually monopolizing my bandwidth. Set your Internet connections upstream and downstream bandwidth on the QoS page of DD-WRT, even if you do not use QoS. The script uses this information to calculate the bandwidth in use percentages and will fail without it. It is highly recommended to add all the hosts on your network to the Static DHCP list on DD-WRT, even if you do not use DHCP. Mar 05, 2015 · In the default configuration, the DD-WRT router does not distinguish between the PCs on the LAN or the services running on the PCs. Benefits of Setting Up QoS in DD-WRT. Some scenarios where it may be beneficial to diagnose a QoS issue and consider configuring QoS in DD-WRT include: Skype calls are breaking up and/or dropping out. Tomato let’s us monitor daily, weekly or monthly bandwidth usage, while with DD-WRT its limited only to real-time monitoring. Although DD-WRT can be made to record data for longer period of time, but you’d need external add-ons for that, which is an added hassle compared to the simplicity of the feature being inbuilt with Tomato.

I'm still getting used to using DD-WRT on a daily basis and loving it. One great feature, especially for us Comcast customers (who are now victim to a new bandwidth throttling scheme) is the built-in bandwidth monitor. Just go to Status => WAN and you can see bandwidth by day and month - something I just discovered.

I'd like to monitor my bandwidth usage myself. Any way I can do that with OpenWrt? I tried bandwidthd, but it counts internal transfer. I installed luci-app-statistics tonight, but it doesn't seem to allow changing the period. Ideally, i'd like something a bit like Android's data usage monitor.

Jul 15, 2011 · If you're worried about exceeding your internet data cap, you can install a custom firmware on your router called DD-WRT that'll let you monitor usage. For detailed instructions on installing DD

DD-WRT has been impressing users since its inception in 2005, and is the go-to alternative router firmware due to its longevity of existence and support of the largest array of devices. Consequently, DD-WRT can claim the largest community of users. It's the backbone of what we do here at FlashRouters. Feb 04, 2010 · In this example the device we want to monitor has an IP address of and the listening/monitoring device has an IP address of Also the firewall, in this case DD-WRT, is running on Now SSH to the router running DD-WRT firmware as root so you can enter the below commands from the CLI. The DD-WRT router was connected to the ISP router once through LAN in DHCP forwarder mode and another time in Wireless Client Bridge mode as a Range Extender. In both scenarios, QoS set to Lan/Wlan ports did not work and any of the connected devices were able to use as much bandwidth as needed. Hi, recently bought the EA9500/AC5400 and it's doing a great job - a definite improvement over my old AC1750 in another brand. BUT on my old router there was a simple bandwidth monitoring page - by protocol & direction which i found handy when trying to work out which device was the bandwidth ho But my both laptops only have 802.11g Wi-Fi network card, so my Asus RT-N12 router (firmware upgraded to DD-WRT) has been configured to 802.11g AP with max download 20M. I am not happy with this since the other 30MB is not being used. I was wondering if I set up 2 SSID on Asus router, and have both SSID uses its own 20M bandwidth? can you do bandwidth monitoring on dd-wrt micro? 2008-Sep-2 2:51 pm: · · wwe wwe. Anon. 2008-Sep-2 3:44 pm. Re: dd-wrt micro. yes but when you flash the firmware, the bandwidth log