May 21, 2019

Rsync vs. Unison - Page 2 - Mar 03, 2016 My Journey to SyncThing - Developer Daniel Jan 29, 2019 Rclone Rclone is mature, open source software originally inspired by rsync and written in Go. The friendly support community are familiar with varied use cases. Official Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Brew and Chocolatey repos. include rclone. For the latest version downloading from is recommended. Rclone is widely used on Linux, Windows and Mac.

Now running unison mail will scan and synchronize just your Mail subdirectory. Once update detection is finished, Unison needs to transfer the changed files. This is done using a variant of the rsync protocol, so if you have made only small changes in a large file, the amount of data transferred across the network will be relatively small.

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Setting up Unison File Synchronization between two Servers