Exif Data Viewer. Exif Data Viewer is a free and simple EXIF viewer software. It lets you view EXIF …

Fix EXIF to Make Rotated Photos Look Correct : 3 Steps Fix EXIF to Make Rotated Photos Look Correct: If you have ever found a photo from your camera oriented the wrong way, you have probably fallen afoul of software that doesn't handle EXIF data correctly. I had some issues with photo orientation for a while, but it became a real pain when I star 10 Best Exif Viewers To Read Photo Details Effortlessly Here is a list of 10 software solutions for viewing Exif data. Free Online Exif Viewers Find Exif. This online Exif viewer has a clean interface and also shows the location where the picture was taken in Google Maps widget, based on Exif data. Find Exif does not accept files from your hard drive, it can only process images hosted on the Internet.

Exif Data Structure. A Rough structure of EXIF data (APP1) is shown as below. As discussed above, EXIF data starts from ASCII character “EXIF” and 2 bytes of 0x00, then EXIF data follows. EXIF uses TIFF format to store data.

Exif Viewer - Chrome Web Store This utility lets you open a JPG image from your computer or from a URL to view its Exif data. There's lots of interesting information held in image files for you to explore. Some images have GPS data so you can see exactly where it was taken. Nikon also records the camera's shutter count in the Exif data. Check files for metadata info - Online exif data viewer

24 Best Free EXIF Viewer Software For Windows

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